Dudley Creek Preschool     357 Hills Road, Mairehau      PH 980 1525

Quality education for children aged 2-5 years.

Kia ora and welcome to Dudley Creek Preschool in Mairehau.

The aim of our preschool is to provide a safe and comfortable environment, where your children can feel at home. Our small centre, licensed for only twenty-five children, reflects our philosophy of meeting the needs of all individual children. Dudley Creeks small size allows teachers to establish strong relationships with our children, creating a relaxed atmosphere where each child can develop to their full potential in a warm, caring environment.

We believe that a strong and supportive bond between our preschool, your child and your family is essential to assist in the learning and social development of each child.

Dudley Creek Preschool

At Dudley Creek Preschool we provide...

A Genuine approach. We thrive on seeing children advance to reach their full capacity. We are absolutely genuine about meeting the needs of you and your child. We are aware of both physical and emotional needs and provide the right support, especially in times of transition.


Qualified, experienced teachers. Our teachers are a dynamic team, who work well together in our small setting. Each teacher has a recognised qualification and a practising certificate with the New Zealand Teachers Council. With a great wealth of knowledge between them, the teachers  always put the needs of each child first.


Quality care that's affordable. You'll find childcare at Dudley Creek Preschool very affordable. We strive to be competitive in our pricing, whilst still employing only highly qualified teachers and providing a well resourced environment.

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