Dudley Creek Preschool is a small friendly centre which is licensed for only  twenty-five children aged 2-5 years of age.

We pride ourselves on providing a caring, supportive and home like environment in which your children can develop lifeskills, self-esteem, communication skills, a sense of belonging and an understanding of limits and boundaries.

All of our teaching team are qualified early childhood teachers who strive to provide a welcoming learning environment for children.


At Dudley Creek Preschool...

We believe every child needs lots of time to think, talk and play. We believe play is learning and that play empowers children and creates the passion that drives learning. Play also provides the basis for discovery; questioning, theorising, co-operation, social and emotional interaction, which are necessary for growth and good self-esteem.

Our philosophy

At Dudley Creek Preschool,we strive to provide a potentiating environment that is welcoming, stimulating, nuturing, safe and secure for children and their families/whanau.

We provide a holistic programme that offers routines which are flexible; experiences which are varied and challenging and offer opportunities for exploration and learning. Our planning is based on teachers understanding and acknowledging the strengths and interests of each child, with educators providing opportunities to extend and enhance their learning and development.

Parent involvement...

We acknowledge that families and whanau know their children best and are respected for their personal beleifs and cultures.

We encourage you to spend time in the preschool, get to know the teachers and other children. We believe that the centre environment has to be inviting, supporting whanau involvement, which enhances children's learning and development.

By working together we can help your child to develop to their full potential.

Hours and Fees...

Dudley Creek Preschool is open Monday to Friday from 8-4pm.

Please contact us for a fees schedule and breakdown of free hours.

We offer full day and half day sessions.

We also offer a 9-3pm session for children over 3 years of age.

Our hours can be flexible to meet your needs 

Once your child turns three you are entitled to 20 hours free early childhood education.



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